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He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how
— j.p. sartre

About Creativity Launch Coaching

Creativity Launch Coaching is a process by which you may find organization and balance from the meaninglessness that often comes from the act of attempting to mark your existance by walking the non-linear journey of living as an artisan or creative solopreneur.

Creativity Launch Coaching encompasses more than just your creative project or medium of choice.  Because you likely cannot separate yourself from your artistic spirit, uncovering how to build the relationship between the two allows you to learn how to tap into and harness that flow state we've all felt in fleeting moments of creative bliss. 

Is it for me?

Do you have the tools and passion, but find that the main roadblock from this amazing life of intrinsic passion is you or the doubt that creeps in when things aren't perfect? 

Do you find that you start and stop or take on too many projects and know down deep that if you finished one, it would build upon itself?

Do you wonder to yourself: If only I had someone asking me the questions I need to answer the most; a non-judgmental space where I could bear my truths or gently receive nudges of positivity when I needed it the most?

  Paul Shadi Sanbar, ma mft - PCC [ICF]

  Paul Shadi Sanbar, ma mft - PCC [ICF]

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