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Your backpack is heavier than its supposed to be. You might not even have any more thick textbooks in it, which makes it all the more baffling to you. Quietly, you continue to wake up every day though. You pull that backpack up off the ground, fling it over your weary shoulders and try to step through this increasingly fast-paced world even though that backpack is weighing you down more and more every day. And some days, you may not even attempt to get up and put that backpack on at all. 

With that weight, movement of any kind, just. seems. harder. The heaviness in that sack may be filled with lots of different things:  Regrets about missed opportunities.  Anxiety over whether more schooling is the right choice or which career direction to go next is the perfect one for you.  Self-created pressure from friends you see posts and pictures of on your all your feeds.  They're all away at school smiling or they all look professional starting that new job.  Added to all that, the very real pressure you feel from wanting to show your family that you CAN make it. More doubts. And then more thoughts about more missed opportunities. 

It was hard enough to know you're a few steps behind your mates and this awareness explained above just amplifies all of it.  In Launch Coaching, we sit down together and you see what it feels like to move through the world without the weight of the world on your shoulders.  We come together about every week and take a walk with our words.  In our conversations, I ask questions that allow you to take each object out of that sack individually.  This makes it easier to examine them while I support you to understand, define and clarify who you are and where you want to go.  With an increased understanding of your core values that will guide you forward, you plot a clear course for your future.

You begin to put other things into that sack. A bit more confidence. A plan for tomorrow. A better mindset for today. And some movement! These things elevate you. You have less time to think because you're doing more. Movement begets more movement. You let go of the fact that you may not catch your friends tomorrow, because at this pace, you will someday.  You finally post something you're really proud of online. You realize the power of hope and remember all those skills you thought were lost, weren't lost at all. Those skills and tools just needed some sharpening. Now your backpack has those tools and the belief that you'll attain more. Each day, you wake up and fling it over your shoulders excited to see where you might go. Scroll down and let's take that walk [mobile users click here]

Launch Coaching

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Paul Shadi Sanbar, PCC | ma mft

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