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show&tell workshop: a Creative Goal Planning Collaboration

The act of producing creativity is often a lonely journey filled with subjective and boundless possibilities and yet the words often attached to ideas, the inspiration of creative expression, involve external objects. We float ideas and bounce them off sounding boards. Fundamentally, for a solitary idea to come to life and flourish, it often needs another entity to not only contain it, but also give it meaning.
— p.shadi.coachbar pcc | cca |ma mft

Have you ever had something you needed to release from your soul?  Whether it be a painting, a script or an innovative design of some kind, you know in your heart and mind that making movement on this personal project would give you purpose and allow you to create the future that you believe is possible. Have you ever had all day, even all month to produce this masterpiece but, ironically you just couldn’t find the right time?  You are keenly aware that development on this artistic project would allow you to feel like progress is being made along your journey towards a creative livelihood. 

All this knowledge breathes life into your project and yet you sit motionless in front of your computer or your creative space, due to the increasingly more detracting awareness that the only thing standing in your way is you.  You throw your hands up as paradoxically each idea unproduced weighs on you putting more pressure on your shoulders.  Each project started, but not finished, clouds your mind from achieving simpler daily tasks.  Every creative road not taken makes you feel even more directionless.   You keep telling yourself, ‘if only I had this or that’ or ‘I wish I had somewhere to go to bounce ideas off of or hold me accountable to my boundless passion.’

Show & Tell is a workshop that not only quenches your creative thirst it also whets your appetite for more food for thought. It gives if only a home base to launch towards then. Even better, it replaces I wish and transforms it into I will.  S&T serves to provide a framework by demarcating how to transform your ideas into action while the group’s members help to give it meaning through positive feedback and fellowship.  The facilitator, a creative artisan with extensive training in the art and science of solution-focused creativity coaching sets the pace for the group and gently attempts to hold accountable the generally inexplicable journey towards creative mastery. 

The six-week Workshop begins with each member setting forth a goal for their personal project to which everything else will flow.  Your creative coach helps to define the direction with future focused questions that invite discussions and produce insight into your process. By releasing these creative ideas, no matter the extent of their formulation, you set up intentions for yourself that provide the roadmap to follow throughout the week.

Following the group check-in and a coaching activity designed to break resistance, inspire introspection and/or anything in between, you have the opportunity to get individual coaching to visualize future success or work through what might have befuddled you the previous week. A creative space is also provided to work on your project allowing for even more momentum to make progress throughout the week. No longer is this a lonely journey without a tangible direction. This is a supportive environment that elicits action.  Each week, the group ends back together to wrap up, process and Show what you have done then Tell us what you will do by the time we meet the following week. Your boundless passion now has a hopeful and helpful home; a creative sounding board to float your ideas and sail towards your artistic future.